3G Simple Cell-Phones—for Grandma!

Simple.jpgThis is an idea that is long overdue. Cell phones are the new wave of communication and the latest and greatest cell phones are a little too much for the non-tech savvy people. This is a phone for those people. Big buttons, makes calls, gets the job done.

This is the A101K from Kyocera. It has voice-only capabilities, and includes a handy clip for holding numbers that have been jotted down on a scrap of paper (43 Folders alert!). There is also a ring volume setting that can give those with lesser hearing an opportunity to use this easily.

Another simple phone is the A5517 from Toshiba. It is a little more advanced. This is similar to the A101K but does include a 2.4-inch screen that features large text. It is also capable of e-mail and some web applications. Yes, nana, the Web is a vast storehouse of infor… oh, nevermind.

3G Simple Cell-Phones Released [3G]

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