Measure Map: Adaptive Path’s new blog stats service

Measure MapAdaptive Path's Jeffrey Veen has the scoop on Measure Map, the company's upcoming blog statistics service. Measure Map does what a lot of web-based traffic stats packages do, right down to the bit of code you have to put in your blog's HTML, but is focuses on the things blog owners like to track like comments, popular posts, links from other blogs, and comment spam. They're also putting in an open API–"even though we're a hosted service, you own your data," Veen says–so you can do whatever you want with the numbers Measure Map collects. There will be a free version of the service, but some features will cost a few bucks a month. According to Veen they'll be opening their doors toward the end of the month, and you can put your name on their mailing list to be notified when it happens.


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