Run Linux from inside Windows; it’s easy and free

If you’re like me, you’ve wanted to learn more about Linux for a long time, but never seem to find the time to do so. Maybe you’ve only got one (relatively modern) machine available to you, and thanksshutting down Windows to boot into Linux is a time commitment you just don’t want to make. The obvious solution for some time has been a platform virtualization tool like VMWare; we’ve even shown how to do it for free using VMWare previously here. However there’s an even easier way now. DSL, which stands for Damn Small Linux, offers a distribution package that is intended to be run from a host operating system, and it can even be loaded from a memory stick! This is a great way to learn Linux, but All About Linux offers even more compelling reasons that you might like to have DSL with you on a memory stick at all times:

  1. Suppose you are visiting a Cyber Cafe for checking your mail and you are concerned about your privacy. By using Damn Small Linux on a USB key drive, you can circumvent the problem because all the cookies, browsing history and passwords you use are stored in your USB key and not in the host computer.
  2. Your files will not be affected by viruses and worms that are residing in the host computer because you are using Linux on top of the resident OS.
  3. For a person more comfortable in working in Linux, DSL is godsend because now he can work independent of the environment of the host computer.
  4. Where ever you may go, you can take a working OS with you and you’re saved from being at the mercy of the applications residing in the computers you are using.

[via Paul Thurrot]


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  1. maidel says:

    Very needed information found here, thank you for your work

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