UrlParams – Today’s Browser Tip

UrlParamsThis Firefox extension is fantastic for all web developers and anyone who’s just curious about what’s being sent between Firefox and a web server: UrlParams is a sidebar that shows all of the GET and POST parameters Firefox sent to the server with the last request. You might say that you can see the same thing with LiveHTTPHeaders, and you’d be right, but UrlParams does it in a much more readable way, and get this: UrlParams lets you change, add, or remove parameters on the spot and re-submit the request. Excellent for debugging or snooping, this is an extension whose time has come.
source post [Download Squad] 12/29/2005

One Response to UrlParams – Today’s Browser Tip

  1. I just downloaded firefox so I’ve just got to try this out. How do I install it? Is there a website you can post? Thanks!

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