Download of the Day: Slickr

slickr.pngSlickr is a free screensaver program for Windows that pulls images from a Flickr user, group, tag, or even from your local drive (if you so desire).

The screensaver is actually very attractive, very configurable, and offers a nice way to showcase your Flickr images or some Flickr images you like. If you』re a Flickr lover and you』ve been jonesing for a different screensaver from the Windows XP logo, Slickr is a pretty cool choice.

source post  Slickr [cellar door software]


6 Responses to Download of the Day: Slickr

  1. […] Everyone likes cool gears, tech tips and something funny. Heard of Slickr? Check out the chinese proverb stories (成語故事) too if you read Chinese. […]

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  5. Ondra says:

    Hi! Just a user question: have you ever tried setting Slickr to show Everyone’s photos with certain tags? I tried last week with the tag “christmas” and it didn’t work.

  6. Schedule says:

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