Swoop-to-Nuts – Today’s Time Waster


In addition to having a fun name and a painfully cute main character—a tiny flying squirrel—Swoop-to-Nuts is a fun and addicting side-scrolling Flash game. The object is to collect the nuts without running out of energy or hitting the ground. You control the flying squirrel with the mouse. Moving it right will cause him to dive quickly; moving it left will make him slow down and climb. Climbing uses up energy, which is replenished by collecting nuts. Collecting several nuts in a row multiplies your score, but missing a nut will cost you energy. If you’re really daring you can swoop up into the sky and try to collect stars for big points, but it’s difficult and yields no energy. If you slow down too much or run out of energy, you’ll tumble to the ground—game over.
source post Jay is Games


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