Check Out the New Porsche!

porsche cayman.jpg

Yup, figured I’d give you a quick break from all the tech to take a look-see at the brand new Porsche Cayman S, shown at the Greater LA Auto Show, which is also going on this week. So basically, the biggest geeks in the world are all over on the West Coast right now. The Cayman S is a 295-horsepower, two-seat coupe that is being marketed as a “bridge between the Boxster roadster and the 911 Carrera.” No price yet, but would it really matter?

source post Styling at the LA Auto Show [Cnet]


One Response to Check Out the New Porsche!

  1. says:

    Why is it that you people always end up talking about motorcycles when someone posts a video on a high-end sports car? I swear, someone could post a video about a helicopter and you retards would start a conversation about submarines. Cars and motorcycles should never be compared because it is like comparing apples to oranges. Go post your motorcycle comments under the motorcycle videos and let the people who enjoy talking about cars talk about cars!

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