Panasonic Digital Wall

Remember Total Recall, with good old Arnold—when he was still a moviestar? The first scene showed this real cool digital wall/mega-TV thingy I will never forget. Visiting the future zone at the ground floor of the Panasonic Center Tokyo was a flashback to that scene. In the special presentation room is a wall-size, huge screen (twice the size of a 110-inch display), and it’s a touchscreen. The images on the screen change as you touch them (it’s online, of course), and you can choose from an extensive menu of options and tools. It functions not only as a TV and PC, but also as interior decoration by changing the image from a bookshelf for the living room to a graffiti space for the kids’ room. It is supposed to appear on the market around 2010 and the price will be horrendous.


Panasonic Senter Page

source post [gizmodo]


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