Blox0r: AJAXy Outlooky RSS reader

Blox0rTV Squad guy Keith McDuffee got it right when he said “silly name, neat interface” telling us about Blox0r, which advertises itself as “The best online aggregator ever!” Its an AJAXy feed reader that uses a classic Outlook three-pane interface. On the left is a list of feeds you’re subscribed to, a la Bloglines, and on the right are two panes, one for headlines and one to show the stories you click on. I like the default mode because it takes you to the actual web site so you can read comments and so on, but it also has a Preview Summary mode which will show summaries of all of the recent stories in a particular feed. It has most of the features you expect from a web-based feed reader and a few more, so despite the name it’s worth a look if you’re in the market for a feed reader. What’s more, it’s open source, so you can download it, tweak the code, and run your own aggregator service if you want.
source post [download squad]

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