SmallWindows – Open source Exposé clone for Windows

SmallWindowsFor the uninitiated, Mac OS X has a cool feature called Exposé whereby a particularly keyboard shortcut makes all of your windows arrange themselves into small versions of themselves displayed all at once for easy task-switching. In the past we’ve covered a couple of Exposé clones for Windows, but neither was free. SmallWindows is another Exposé clone, but this one is free and, even better, open source. It works pretty well, too. You activate SmallWindows by pressing Win-F12 or holding the mouse at the top-center of the screen. It pops up quickly and smoothly, and rolling the mouse over any of the “mini” windows shown will zoom in on it a bit. It’s not seamless, nor does it have much in the way of frills, but it works as advertised and is fast and fun to use. It could use a snappier name, though.
source post [download squad]

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