Teach kids music with Hyperscore

hyperscore mit media labI remember the Miracle piano system for the Nintendo when I was a kid. Lots of promise about teaching music, but it really was just a lot of fun to play with. Hyperscore won’t teach you notation, but it will definitely allow kids to create listen-able music compositions with little effort. Made in the MIT Media Lab, Hyperscore uses a visual approach to creating songs. You create little riffs, called “motives” in separate windows, then blend those together in a larger composition window. What’s brilliant (and here’s that MIT magic): the app can build good harmonies, progressions, and other auditory delights into those basic compositions. It’s automated, but just to the point where you don’t have to sweat the details. It’s a lot of fun to play with, no matter how old you are. And naturally, Hyperscore will be bundled with MIT’s $100 laptop.

Another twist involves using Hyperscore to create ringtones. To promote the software, and music in general, WIRED has the story of the MIT Ringtone Competition. Not content to pitch Hyperscore to 10 year-olds, MIT has an entire site, H-Lounge, dedicated to older users. Classic quote from the Edge regarding this emerging form of music entertainment: “Ringtones are a legitimate branch of pop music…” Go go Crazy Frog!

source post [download squad]

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