Three big lists of useful software

software listsEvery day on digg there’s another list of freeware, games, or whatever. Well here’s yet another list, although this time there’s three lists from the first I found. And for added fun, two of the three are scoured from the rank and file of Something Awful contributors. The first is a bunch of useful Windows apps, the second is useful Linux apps, and the third is OS X (not Something Awful related). The Windows list includes an entire category for Shiny Chrome, which are mostly mods and guages for Winders (including some app launchers we might have missed on the launcher spree we went on a few weeks ago). Definitely a lot of great software on this list. Sadly, the Linux list is lacking in content. Only two or three apps per category. I know there’s more than that folks… Of course, the Apple list is good and bad and ugly. I mean, obviously Microsoft Office is going to be in there, but did it need it’s own sub-category? Anyway, these lists are fun for about twenty minutes or so, until you realize you’ve seen them all before (and only a couple were worth keeping). But there they are, ready for you to show a less-aware friend who asks you, “where can I find another chat tool?”
source post [download squad]

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