Pixie – open source clone of Pixar’s Renderman

pixie renderman cloneIt never, ever ceases to amaze me what the open source community can create. Literally anything and everything that has been made for profit seems to be recreated in oss… In this case we’re not talking about an Office replacement, or even a Photoshop clone. Pixie is a pretty amazing renderer for 3D that is attempting to be a clone of Pixar’s award-winning Renderman product— which just happens to start at around $1,000. From the gallery I’ve seen, they are darn close. Keep in mind Renderman is not an easy system to use to begin with. Pixie is all text-based. You enter data, and pass that along to the renderer. The great thing is, you can theoretically tie Pixie in to almost any workflow, especially with apps that would otherwise tie into Renderman (Maya, I’m looking in your direction). An excellent program, and as always, in need of more coders. It’s a total niche item, but I thought this was too cool to pass up.

source post [download squad]


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