Gabbly: Real-time web chat that doesn’t suck

GabblyIn the past few months I’ve seen no fewer than four services that let you chat in real time with people visiting the same web site as you. Most of them, I’m sorry to say, suck. Either they have crappy interfaces, require every user to install an extension or other software, or just don’t work very well. Gabbly is a breath of fresh air. For starters, it requires zero setup–just put the address of the target site after, e.g.–making it super-easy to get other people to join your chat (just send them the URL). Gabbly is easy to use and looks good, and it has a variety of docking options to keep it out of your way. Behind the scenes, it works by capturing the target web site in a frame, which has some drawbacks, but apart from that Gabbly is great for informal real-time chat. It even has built-in RSS feeds. For web site owners there’s also a Gabbly component that you can embed in any of your pages by simply copying and pasting a bit of code into your pages. At the moment Gabbly is under the heavy load of the Digg effect, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you can.

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2 Responses to Gabbly: Real-time web chat that doesn’t suck

  1. eggs says:

    every time i use gabbly it bombs out i gotta refresh or i dont see all of the chat that is occuring
    can you point me in the direction of other servicese like gabbly?

  2. The Saint says:

    This person probably works for Gabbly. It’s bombs on almost every site i use it one – GABBLY SUCKS!!!!!

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