Google Calendar is live and it rocks

Google Calendar

You read that right. Google Calendar is finally—finally!—live. Somewhat surprisingly, it's dropped the "CL2" moniker it had during development, and very unsurprisingly the logo says BETA. Brad Hill over at the Unofficial Google Weblog has written up a nice review of Google Calendar in which he says "it rocks," it's "brain-dead simple to use," and "as of today I have used Yahoo! Calendar for the last time." I've given it a few pokes and though it would be perhaps too bold of me to predict that Google Calendar will do for web-based calendars what Gmail did for webmail, I will say that it's a great piece of work and suddently Yahoo! has a lot of catching up to do. Head over to TUGW for Brad's full review or go straight to to get started. That is, as long as the site's not completely hosed by the time you read this.

source post [download squad] 


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