ThinkFree: The web-based office dream realized?

ThinkFreeWe mentioned last June that Java-based office suite ThinkFree was gearing up for a return from the dead, and true to its word it's done so in the form of ThinkFree Online, now a web-based application suite. It touts a combination of AJAX and Java interfaces, wide support for Office file formats, PDF generation, and collaboration features. PC World has a short writeup on the new ThinkFree that says it's "impressive" and its word processor has "has all the features most people will ever need." ExtremeTech has a much longer review in which they give it similar praise, but say it's "by no means as snappy" as a desktop app and that they would "wait a bit before choosing ThinkFree as a company-standard business tool." ThinkFree does have the distrinct advantage, however, of being free—ad-supported—and users get 1GB of space to use as they please.



source post [download squad] 


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