Luggage with built-in scales


I've long accepted that I'll never be one of those people who travel light. Add that to my shopaholic tendencies, and you have somebody for whom the baggage check-in counter holds a particular kind of terror. Bathroom scales are not very precise with suitcases, and while some hotel staff will oblige using more suitable scales, chances are that you would have exceeded the limit by then – a little late to change your mind about those last few purchases.

The Solutions range by Ricardo Beverly Hills includes 2 large suitcases (25 inch and 28 inch) which are perfect for people like me. Each comes with built-in digital scales. After packing, push the "on" button, lift the carry handle, and the LCD displays the combined weight of suitcase and contents in either pounds or kilograms.

I think this idea is ingenious, and I can only hope that it catches on with other luggage manufacturers.

source post [PopGadget – OhGizmo!]


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