Flash-based Game – Warp Forest

Warp ForestTo say the amount of time I killed yesterday playing Warp Forest is embarrassing would be an understatement. This action puzzler is, I think, the best Flash-based specimen of the genre I have ever played. In Warp Forest you drive a little car around a forest, and the goal of each level is to collect all of the keys on the screen and then return to the exit. Of course, it's not nearly as simple as that, because you have obstacles, locked gates, and hostile baddies to contend with, which make some of the levels mind-bogglingly difficult. As expected, most of the levels require you to do things in a very specific sequence, but what set this apart is the more action-y parts that demand quick, precise movements. On top of the rock-solid gameplay, nice graphis, and original puzzles, the game has a few nice touches rare among Flash games, including five game save slots and the ability to turn off the music or sound independently. Now, can anybody tell me how to beat level 24?

source post [Jay is Games]


One Response to Flash-based Game – Warp Forest

  1. Tibbe says:

    Hi, if You give me a hint how to solve level 19, I can continue to your level and give You the solution.

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