Gliffy: Create diagrams and flowcharts on the web

GliffyWeb-based clones of Excel and Word are nothing-how about a diagramming tool a la Visio? Gliffy is a Flash-based diagramming and flowcharting tool for your web browser. Gliffy's interface, though an unpleasant shade of blue, is snappy and fairly easy to use, allowing you to create flowcharts, network diagrams, and even floor plans or UI mock-ups pretty quickly. Of course, it doesn't have the more advanced features that $200 diagramming tools come with, but it does have sharing and collaboration features, revision control (i.e. if someone screws it up, you can roll back to a previous version of your diagram), and the ability to export ot SVG or JPEG (what, no PNG?). Gliffy's examples page shows off some of the impressive stuff it's capable of. Gliffy is currently in public beta and free, but in the future they'll be splitting it into two products, an ad-supported feature-limited version and a premium subscription-based version "for the business user."

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  1. Debi K says:

    Thanks for the mention and review. We are very appreciative. If you have any suggestions and/or feedback please drop us a line at our newly revamped website! Thanks,
    debik at gliffy dot com

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