Instant web-based chatrooms

ChatCreator.comWeb-based chatrooms predate Ajax, Flash, and Java by far, but though it's been done a million times, it's rarely done well. is of the Ajax variety, and even better the zero-registration variety. To join a chatroom, you just enter your name and the name of a chatroom.  If it doesn't already exist, it'll be created and given a URL like that you can send to your friends. The chatrooms are fairly bare-bones and lack moderation features, but they do have limited HTML-style text formatting, as well as IRC-style /me actions and automatic URL linking. The site's design isn't fantastic, but is decent enough, and chat feels quick and responsive. I'm afraid that hte lack of moderation and name-registration features will cause difficulties for anyone trying to run a chatroom of any size, but for setting up quick chats a nice service.

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  1. hadi says:

    salam ba dustan

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