Zoomify: Zoomable hi-res image viewer for the web


Ever had a really, really high-resolution image you wanted to display on the web but didn't want to resize it or make the viewer load the whole however many megabytes all at once? Check out Zoomifyer. It's most easily described by saying it does for any image what Google Maps does for the map of the world. It's a free Windows or Mac app that will take a big image, split it up in the little chunks, and make a Flash widget that you can embed on any web site which will let the viewer zoom in and out on and pan around at will. Okay, so maybe that's not the best description. You can most easily get an idea fo what Zoomifyer does by going to the Zoomify web site and checking out the demos. It's pretty cool and, like I said, the basic version is free.

via [download squad / kottke.org]


One Response to Zoomify: Zoomable hi-res image viewer for the web

  1. neubrain says:

    AJAX implementation of Zoomify viewer!

    The Brain Maps AJAX-Zoomify viewer may be used with your own Zoomify images. It is much faster than Flash-based versions. Try it yourself. Future versions will enable you to add overlays to brain maps (including markers and polylines) and display shadowed “info windows”. The Brain Maps API is a free service, available for any web site that is free to consumers.


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