Wetpaint – hosted wiki service launches


After a long private beta period, hosted wiki service Wetpaint publicly launched this weekend. If you're familiar with JotSpot, there's not much to tell about Wetpaint: it's a service that lets anyone show up, create a wiki, and edit it via a WYSIWYG interface. It has all of the Web 2.0 trappings, including RSS feeds, tagging, and some nice Ajaxy touches. Pages have a prominent "EasyEdit" button that lets you edit content pretty much instantly without loading a new page. Michael Arrington at TechCrunch found the service a little more newbie-friendly than JotSpot and the many available templates attractive. Wetpaint wikis are free to create and edit, but the service is supported by contextual advertising. If you want to get an idea of what you can do with Wetpaint, a number of active wikis are linked to from the Wetpaint front page, and there's also a sandbox site you can play with to get used to formatting, tagging, and so on.

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One Response to Wetpaint – hosted wiki service launches

  1. Sotsbymnbon says:

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