Who’s the king of photos? Hint: It ain’t Flickr

Photo-sharing market shareLeeAnn Prescott from web analysis company Hitwise has an interesting article on her blog about the market shares of the web's most popular photo sharing and hosting sites. While it's true that Flickr gets most of the buzz, it turns out it's not at the top of the heap-it's at #6. Prescott isn't clear on how they measure market share (trade secret, I'm sure), but by Hitwise's count Photobucket leads by an enormous margin over Yahoo! Photos, CNet's Webshots, Kodakgallery.com (formerly Ofoto), ImageShack, and finally Flickr. Interestingly the primary source of traffic for ImageShack, Photobucket and recent startup Slide (at #9) are all-you guessed it-MySpace. Apparently 1.39% of all photo traffic from MySpace goes to Photobucket, and Prescott hypothesizes that MySpace itself could be the reason for Photobucket's surge in market share. Prescott's post is an interesting look at how social networking sites are fueling the photo-hosting market.

source post [download squad]  2006.06.22


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