TenGO – alternative input panel for Pocket PCs

TenGO text inputTenGO is a soft keyboard add-in for Pocket PCs (and other platforms) that adds some logic to the keyboard that makes it astoundingly easier to use. Anyone that has used the T9 text input method on mobile phones will grok what TenGO is doing very quickly.Basically, TenGO divides the traditional keyboard up into 6 zones. To type a letter in a zone, you simply have to tap anywhere within that zone. As you type words, TenGO does comparisons with it’s dictionary to figure out the most likely word you are typing. What this does is to allow you to type most words with a very minimal movement of the stylus since everything can be done in a small sweet-spot in the middle of the keyboard, increasing typing speeds dramatically. Since you’re not having to learn some funky new keyboard design, it’s very intuitive and easy to pick up.

Note: Supported languages – English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish & Swedish.

post source [download squad]


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