Apple revamps iPod family

“We’re going to give you an overview of the iPod and then move onto some other products. we’ve shipped over 65 million ipods as of june, and there are lots of acccessories. There’s a new place you can use your iPod [shot of ipod toilet paper dispenser]. 70 percent of the new cars sold in the US offer iPod connectivity as an option.”

“We’ve sold over 450,000 Nike +iPod Sport Kits and it’s been less than 90 days.”

30GB, 7,500 songs, 40 hrs video, $249. 80GB, 20,000 songs, 100 hrs video, $349. Now, let’s take a look at the iPod nano. It is the most popular MP3 player in the world. So today, we’re going to introduce an all new nano. It’s made out of aluminum, and it’s even thinner than the previous ipod nano.

Maybe the most obvious feature is we’re bringing back colors: Blue, Pink, Green, Silver, and Black. Battery life: 24 hours.

Second generation nano: thinner alumninum case, 5 colors, 40 % brighter display, 24 hour battery.

2GB (aluminum only) $149
4GB colors $199
8GB (black only) $249


The #1 thing that came back from customers using the first ipod shuffle was wearability. The 2nd generation shuffle comes in a beautiful aluminum case. but we started with wearability – it’s got a built-in clip. I’ve got one here. On the bottom it’s got the switches that say turn off and on or shuffle or linearly. it comes with a [TINY] dock and plugs into your Mac or PC.

it comes in one model. “So: the world’s smallest MP3 player”:

Aluminum case with clip
Comes with dock and earbuds
New packaging.

“So, that’s the story with iPods.”


source [engadget]


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