Barbie meets Beetle


The results can be interesting when you get two incredibly successful icons of our times together. In this case, Ms.Barbara Millicent Roberts, a.k.a Barbie, and Beetle have been brought together by Volkswagen in the all-pink Beetle Barbie limited edition car. The car is done up completely in pink, with the Barbie logo placed at strategic locations. Purists will be pleased to note that even the lug nuts on the tires have not been spared. The trend continues inside the car, with the inserts in the leather seats, steering wheel, door panels and floor mats all splashed with the Barbie color.

Though Barbie and the Beetle have had some troubles in recent times, there are still a large number of women globally who are avid collectors of anything related to Barbie. Add to that the passionate community of Beetle lovers, and Volkswagen seems to have a potential bestseller in their hands. However, for the time being, only 13 of these cars will be manufactured and will be sold through exclusive VW outlets in Mexico for around $24,368.

source [popgadget & Autoblog]


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