FedEx software wizardry makes shipping simple

FedEx has gone through many reinventions over the years, but the latest one brings real value to businesses, both large and small. The software, titled Ship Manager has once again put FedEx out in front and sweetened the deal with data available where the customer lives. Now with FedEx’s software can hookup to any database, ERP application, or other customer software that is ODBC compliant. FedEx will even assist customers over the phone with their new software, and help customers connect to some non-standard data sources, where it used to take the FedEx consulting team several days to complete the code-writing. By tying its customers to their service by integrating native data, FedEx has found a way to capture a measure of that elusive software entrenchment (the x-factor), that makes a customer not want to use anyone else but FedEx.

source [InfromationWeek]


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