Linux XP

Linux XP is a Linux distro that aims to make computing better with the muscle and security of Linux, but tries to look like Windows so it is easier for Windows users to get used to it. The international English edition just launched, but it was initially the most popular distro in Russia. It is based on Fedora Core and really does mimic Windows XP’s look and functionality well. Linux XP is also “tightly integrated” with Microsoft technologies, such as Active Directory, remote Windows server login, read/write FAT16/32 and read NTFS file-systems. Microsoft VPN can also be used with Linux XP, can your Red Hat do that? nVidia and ATI graphics drivers also play nice with Linux XP as well, with good support for OpenGL. Linux XP has an easy update feature and add-on installer to help Linux noobs get started and expand their crispy new Linux XP systems. It is an interesting distro that looks strangely familiar.

Control Panel on Linux XP.

Linux XP

Linux XP desktop (in Russian)

Linux XP


source [downloadsquad]


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