SAP’s tools now feature RadRails and Eclipse

RadRails now a part of SAP SDNSAP’s new download includes a bunch of open-source tools including RadRails, Eclipse, PHP/Ruby/Python code generators, and SAP’s scripting tools. This shows the growing trend that large software companies are beginning to realize the huge value of free open-source frameworks and ideas. Eclipse and RadRails are excellent tools to use, even for the wizards at SAP so it only makes sense that they use these tools and bundle them for developers. I have always considered SAP to be somewhat forward thinking, but this proves they see the value in the tools already freely available to developers. They are only making life easier on themselves and keeping developers happy too. Sun, Microsoft, IBM, and others have shown signs of embracing open-source tools, though they haven’t quite brought their open-source offerings to their full potential. They haven’t quite reached critical mass, but they are on the way.

source [downloadsquad]


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