Sudoku Slam – Today’s Time Waster

Sudoku SlamI’ve fallen more or less out of my Sudoku obsession, but Sudoku Slam brings something new to the table. Sudoku Slam is a free web-based version of Sudoku, and has a “Traditional” mode that acts like most web-based Sudoku games. But it also has a “Sumo” mode that, for jaded, impatient Sudoku players like me, takes some of the tedium out of the game. Sudoku purists might call it cheating, but what Sumo mode does is automatically fill in all the “candidate” numbers at the beginning of the game and automatically eliminate candidates as you solve the puzzle. Sudoku Slam also has some other welcome features, like the ability to undo any mistakes you might have made, full keyboard control, and the ability to save and load games, as well as print them out. There’s also a Smart Hint option in case you get stumped, and four different difficulty levels. Definitely worth checking out if other Sudoku sites have fallen short of your expectations.

source [downloadsquad]


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