Multi-functional stereo speaker dock from Brando

Stereo speaker dock from Brando

Picking a stereo speaker dock system can be tricky when you have a ton of gadgets and gizmos at your disposal, as you would most probably want one that can cater to most, if not all of your devices. Brando has seen that this need is fulfilled with the Multi-functional Dock Speakers that is compatible with a Sony Ericsson and Nokia cellphones, iPods of all kinds from the third generation upwards save the Shuffle, and even the beleaguered Sony PSP. This versatile speaker dock also doubles up as a charger for your various iPods and Sony Ericsson cellphone when plugged in. It looks pretty simple to operate, with an On/Off button and two volume controls. Are there any better alternatives out there for $58?

source [ubergizmo]


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