My Dream App winners announced

We haven’t been following the My Dream App contest as closely as our pals at TUAW, so in case you’re not up to speed, here’s the scoop: My Dream App is an “event where 24 finalists compete for a chance to have their dream app made into reality.” At the contest’s outset, people from all over the world submitted their ideas for the program of their dreams, and from those people a pool of 24 contestants was assembled by a panel of judges. Then those 24 were whittled away over five rounds by judges, many of whom could be called celebrities, like Steve Wozniak, Leo Laporte, Kevin Rose, J. Allard, and Merlin Mann. Yesterday the final eliminations were made and the three finalists, whose ideas will be made into Mac apps, and who will get royalties on said apps, were revealed. The three winners and their dream apps were:

3rd Place: Michael Yuan – Cookbook. “The ultimate cookbook application, with online grocery shopping, thousands of recipes, Leopard voiceover technology integration, shopping list sharing, and more.”

My Dream App - Cookbook

2nd Place: Farzad Sadjadi – Portal. “File syncing from the future. Sync folders and documents between Macs effortlessly and watch transfer progress through a cool, highly visual wormhole user interface.”

My Dream App - Portal

1st Place: Cameron Westland – Atmosphere. “A virtual window to the outdoors for your desktop. View a virtual representation of your area’s weather when too busy to go outside.”

My Dream App - Atmosphere

All of the the runners-up are also worth checking out (especially if you’re looking for ideas for your next app), and all of the finalists and runners-up will be getting some pretty cool prizes.

source [downloadsquad]


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