Seatbelt for your dog


Like most dogs, my pup Henry likes to stick his head out the car window, ears flying and a blissful look on his wind-blown face. Vets will tell you that for dogs, the combination of smells makes them “high.” (I’ve tried it but it didn’t do the same for me.) But I worry about my doxie launching himself out the window so we’ve tried tying his leash to the headrest, jerry-rigging an extension leash…you name it, we’ve tried it.

So when Bamboo Pets came up with the Quick Control™ Leash + Seat belt latch, both Henry and I were relieved, and I was cursing myself for not thinking of it first. As you can see from the photo, the velcro pouch hides the metal universal seat belt connector, with a convenient zippered pocket to hold keys, money, waste bags. Besides eliminating driver distraction — Henry prefers to drive — it gives me peace of mind knowing he’s not going to visit that poodle in the next car.

Available in 3ft. and 6ft. lengths, the Quick Control™ Leash + Seat belt latch fits any size dog.


Visit Bamboo Pets for a store directory and list of online retailers. Approx $20.

source [popgadget]


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