SynCh Dual-Charger Dual … Charges

thesynch_2.jpgThis is the latest “revolutionary” charger called the SynCh. SynCh is a small, lightweight charger that can charge mobile phones, mp3 players, BlackBerrys, Bluetooth headsets, portable gaming devices and PDAs. One of the better features about this charger is that it already includes all of the adapters you will need—as long as your devices are supported.

Travelodge (the hotel chain) is launching this product. It will be available for free rental or purchase at 10 piloted hotels. Apparently, over one-third of travelers regularly forget their chargers, so good job Travelodge for being prepared. The SynCh will retail for $38 or so. 

Product Page [Via BIOS]

source [gizmodo]


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