Monitor Color Corrector optimizes color

Most people are ignorant of the fact that you can calibrate the color on your LCD and CRTs in order to get the best possible result, and even if they do, they couldn’t give two hoots about it unless they’re in the DTP business. For those who are fussy about their contrast and color levels will definitely see the Monitor Color Corrector as a savior of sorts. Using it is pretty simple really – you first got to measure the ambient light within the room, attach the unit to a PC via USB, and let the device to it’s thang. When the initial calibration is done, just leave the Monitor Color Corrector there and the settings will remain perpetually. This USB-powered device can be picked up for $79.95 at Hammacher. What happens to those who work in a room with plenty of natural light? The sun’s constant movement will certainly require you to recalibrate every 15 minutes or so.

source [ubergizmo]


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