Transferring YouTube videos to your iPod

youtube on ipodsWhat do you do if you have a long flight or commute using public transportation? You can read, listen to music, or now, watch videos from YouTube! DLS reader Guillermo points us to a new Windows application called iTube that enables users to transfer any YouTube video straight to their iPods. It’s extremely simple to use as well. Just enter the URL for the YouTube video you want, and the file will start downloading and be converted to an iPod-friendly format automatically. When you iPod is plugged in it will instantly sync up. Another bonus with iTube is being able to watch the videos not only on your iPod, but also in iTunes.

So what if you have a Mac? PodTube to your rescue. Install the application, and browse with Safari, and clickaty click, download the video of your choice, and sync it up in iTunes for transfer to your iPod. Or if you aren’t down with that app, Mac users can also check out TubeSock for Mac OSX. Happy viewing and listening!

source [downloadsquad]


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