Name Your Car


As if it weren’t enough to OWN a Porsche, you can now have YOUR name in place of the type designation. So, for example, I’d have “Evan” in the same customised text and the same font as “Porsche” on my Boxster. I wish.

We are a nation that likes to personalize everything so maybe this business model is a good idea. It’ll cost you though: $450 for the first 5 letters and $60 per letter after that. Texts can be made for all 911 models – Cayenne – Boxster and Cayman. They can manufacture your personalized text in the same colors as the type designation, in grey or black, chrome, or if you’re going for the pimp look — in gold. ( A chrome or gold name or text costs an additional $90 per letter.)

Name Your Porsche suggests: “Let your creativity run wild and give your Porsche its own identity and a unique name. You can make up anything you want: ‘made in Germany’, ‘back off’, ‘follow me’ or ‘have a nice day’… Or why not use the back of your Porsche to make a personal message like: ‘no more Ferrari’, ‘my third’, or ‘thanks daddy’.”

Via Trend Hunter.

source [popgadget]


One Response to Name Your Car

  1. Want to Name Your Porsche?

    Are you planning to purchase a brand new Porsche car? Well, you can have it with your name attached at the back. Right. Porsche is offering new customers with the “Name Your Porsche” program. Customers can now personalize their Porsche cars by adding…

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