Ask Dave Taylor

Dave is a technical industry guru. A one-man traveling show, if you will. He has authored numerous books on HTML, Web Design, Windows, Mac OS X and other topics too mind-numbing to mention. But he’s really good at it!

The interesting thing about Dave is that he isn’t really a geek. He’s just a really smart guy with a big heart. To prove it, he has launched a new web site that allows you to pick his brain for free.

The site is appropriately named Ask Dave Taylor, and it contains a variety of questions and answers on a range of technical topics. For example, one question asks, “Why would I bother with a weblog or blog when I could just build a regular web site?” Another asks “How do I add photos to my ebay auctions?

Dave knows the answer! Visit his site and check out the depth of his knowledge. You might find what you are looking for. If you don’t, click the big red ASK DAVE button and ask him yourself. Catch him on a good day and he might even wash your car.

source [joelcomm]


2 Responses to Ask Dave Taylor

  1. Richard says:

    Oh my. I thought this was giong to be Dave Taylor, the former general manager of the Los Angeles Kings of the N.H.L. I was going to ask “Why did you fire Andy Murray?” Or “Why did you burn my favorite hockey team to the ground?”

  2. Dave Taylor says:

    Sorry, don’t know much about hockey. But then again, that Dave Taylor probably doesn’t know much about Windows Vista either. 🙂

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