Game – Flash Element TD

Flash Element TDI’ve seen games like Flash Element TD before and haven’t been overwhelmed, but after playing this one for about 45 minutes, and then realizing I had been playing it for 45 minutes, I realized it’s a keeper. It’s of the “tower defense” genre, wherein you have to protect against wave after wave of baddies by building towers. Each tower has strengths and weaknesses against different enemies, which get progressively tougher. For each enemy you kill you get gold, which you can use to buy more towers, and for every seventh wave you get wood, which you can spend to unlock new types of towers. At the beginning of the game you have 20 lives, and you lose one life for every enemy you let pass. While nothing about Flash Element TD stands out too far at first blush, but after playing a few levels I was completely addicted. Check it out.

Update: Strategy guide can be found here.

Update2: Watch him score 200k+

source [downloadsqure]


6 Responses to Game – Flash Element TD

  1. Juniormints2 says:

    any hints 4 this game? “cheats”

  2. Cueball says:

    You don’t need no cheat for this game.
    I made it to the end (39th level) like that:
    don’t buy arrow-towers. you don’t need them. buy at least 2 gun-towers. that will do the first 3 levels. then upgrade them whenever possible. your first wood should be used to upgrade to fire-towers. buy 2 of them and place them between the pathways on the right.
    you should come at least to level 15 with no more towers. Safe your money !! Upgrade the next “wood” to water towers. You’ll need them to slow your opponents. I did it like that: with every fire tower I placed I placed a water tower next to it. (until the map was covered with yellow and blue dots….).
    Forget about the highscore list because those visible are cheaters.
    Have fun.

  3. hey…

    i have played this game and here is a hint
    place arrow towers first..
    then spare money to upgrade..
    when u have upgraded 3 times start building more arrow towers
    then just play
    when u have reached lvl 7 u research water 14 u research fire and in level 21 earth
    then u sell all towers and uy a rocket tower and then u spare money
    then only build more rocket towers and the game is done.. simple as that

  4. borj says:

    if you don’t survive the fast stage the one in lvl 6 your money will be minus you cannot spare money bcause your money has been minus so you cannot build combo towers or rocket towers isn’t nad i cannot enjoy this game bcause this game make me crazy hehehhehehheheh^^…. so i will test what you hint.

  5. hey all of u who want 2 play read my steps how 2 this bcause i am PRO.

    1. 1st step to do is you should build 2 cannon towers and upgrade them.
    2. the 2 cannon tower can do in level 4 or level 3.
    3. When it is lvl 5 or 4 ,build many cannon towers ,dont build arrow towers bcause it is useless.
    4. When you get a 1 wood research fire, and then sale all the cannon towers then buy fire towers.
    5. you should put it in the right side or in the center. should save gold so that you can buy many fire towers.
    7.after if you got another 1 wood research water and then buy water tower beside the fire towers.
    8.water tower can slow your enemy. you should put many water towers.
    9. after if you get another 1 wood research earth dont buy earth tower bcause it is useless. you should save ur gold so that you can buy combo towers.
    10.if you buy combo towers upgrade many combo towers as you want so if you can buy many combo towers, you have no problem anymore….^^JUST KEEP SMILING UNTIL YOU WIN THE GAME. >SO ENJOY IT >>>>

  6. XxD@N1ELxX says:

    hey if there are any cheats for the game leave comments or message me at

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