Project Time management online with timeXchange

project time management

timeXchange is an online peer-to-peer application that lets users record and report time and expenses, collect and approve team reporting, and protect and control data online. Its important for any worker to keep track of time in order to ensure work schedule and budgets are met. There are many great time management solutions availble, from online solutions, desktop software, to the basic Excel Spreadsheet route but timeXchange has some interesting features that are worth taking a look at.

When setting up a new project, you can choose who gets reports. These reports get sent complete with your hours and tasks listed, making them easier to track and analyze data. timeXchange helps out with collecting and approving timesheets which can be then viewed and analyzed and data exported to other applications. Security is a big concern for timeXchange. Encrypted data and reporting are stored on secure servers, and only those with permissions can access it.

Like any new application, this one takes a while to get used to, and there is a ton to set up, but it seems like this could be a strong player in the time management arena. Other online time management applications are TaskAnyone, ProWorkflow, Tick, Zoho Projects and Basecamp.

source [eHub]


One Response to Project Time management online with timeXchange

  1. allan branch says:

    I thought your readers might want to know about our new app (
    It will integrate with basecamp, tickspot, harvest, freshbooks and blinksale.

    We are in beta testing it right now, it has some interesting features.

    Core Functionality —–
    Expense Tracking (with Mileage Log)
    Simple Sales Lead Management
    Proposal Creation and Sending
    Invoicing and Payment Tracking

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