Snapper – manipulate sound files on a Mac

SnapperThe folks at Audio Ease are working on a new Mac utility called Snapper. It basically makes it easier to access and manipulate sound files from Finder.

Every time you click on an audio file, a little window opens up, docked to the bottom of Finder. You can play files, or set Snapper to autoplay files when you click on them. You can also perform rough edits, like saving a selection of the audio as a new clip.

You can also convert files to mp3 with a click of the button, email a file or a selection from that file as an mp3, or import a file into Pro Tools for editing.

It’s not exactly a full fledged audio editing tool on its own. If you’re thinking about setting up a podcast or starting a career in radio, you’ll need more than Snapper. But it looks like a really nice add-on for Pro tools. It’ll be interesting to see if Audio Ease adds support for other programs like Audacity.

source [downloadsquad]


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