Lumosity – all in one timewaster and brain exerciser

June 4, 2007

If you need to take a break and the usual distractions won’t do (email, twitter, Google Reader, IM) you can try Lumosity, a brain fitness program that let’s you waste time but still feel good while you’re doing it.

Lumosity, designed by neuroscientists, is scientifically demonstrated to improve your memory, attention and processing speed. Not bad huh? The best part is, it’s very addictive – like gaming – you will want to increase your scores.

You can check your Lumos IQ without signing in but if you get hooked and want to try more exercises you will have to register. If you do sign up, you will go through a brain fitness program over the course of 30 sessions where the sessions are 15 minutes.

The exercises are free while the Lumos site is still in beta, but it won’t be free forever.

source [downloadsquad]