Intelligent Dressing Room doesn’t require dressing down

March 11, 2006

Intelligent Dressing Room doesn't require dressing down

Metro Group from Germany has developed an intelligent dressing room that allows you to try out different outfits without taking your clothes off. It scans your measurements and displays the selected items on you via a projection screen, even offering suggestions to the fashion-challenged. This will also be a big blow to voyeurs out there who prey on innocent people.

source post [ubergizmo]


SELK’BAG Sleeping Bag

February 8, 2006

seltbag.jpgThe SELK’BAG is a sleeping bag you wear. The entire bag, covered in straps and belts for maximum snugness, fits like a glove and makes you look like a plush Transformer. Confusingly, there’s no mention of the any way to remove the bottom portion for midnight walks to the latrine.

SELK’BAG [TheCoolhunter]