ImageChef – create custom images for your blog or im

December 29, 2006

Do you want to play a game?ImageChef is a family-friendly site that allows you to create custom images for your blog, forum signature or general amusement. Without having to register any kind of account, you can modify text in a variety of image templates. The resulting pictures can be easily saved or emailed to friends.

ImageChef will host your pictures if you’re a registered user (registration is free), and provide the snip-its of code so that you can embed your artwork in your MySpace, Friendster or TypePad account.

source [downloadsquad]


Windows Vista Wallpapers 桌布大全

November 29, 2006

Windows Vista的美感設計非常棒,當然桌布也是由設計師精細拍攝設計,非常漂亮。
這是一個Windows Vista桌布包,它把Vista的桌布全部打包,總共有92張經典桌布,方便大家下載。沒騙你,這是真好料XD



source [少年Eazie@Internet / Lifehacker]

Two-minute Photoshop tricks

November 6, 2006

I love Photoshop tutorials. I like them even better when they’re not six pages long and produce great results. I’m guessing you can guess from its name what 2 Minute Photoshop Tricks is. It’s a text, video, and audio blog that shows gives you tips, tricks, and tutorials for Photoshop, each in about two minutes. Unfortunately it’s not updated especially frequently, but there’s a lot of good stuff there, from adding a dept of field effect to a photo to giving text a shiny Web 2.0 look. They’ve got feeds for their videos, podcasts, and blog posts, so you never miss a tip.

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Wallpapr – Find free photo wallpapers on Flickr

October 21, 2006


Looking to update your desktop wallpaper? Having trouble finding anything good. Ask Wallpapr to find something for you. It’s a nice, simple Ajax app that will spit out a bunch of photo wallpapers from Flickr’s Wallpapers pool on command. Just enter a tag (e.g. clouds, skyline, food, whatever you’re into) and click on 20, 40, or 100 to get that many thumbnails, or leave the tag field blank and get a nice variety. Every photo in the pool is at least 1024×768, and clicking on a thumbnail will take you straight to the photo download page. Excellent!

source [downloadsquad]


September 22, 2006

9/9/2006 反貪怒潮 全球在看

9/9/2006 展示納斯卡圖騰

9/15/2006 百萬圍城

9/15/2006 人民勝利

source [台灣蘋果日報]

Preloadr – The best way to upload and optimize photos to Flickr

July 15, 2006

一試用過 Preloadr, 只有兩個字 – 「驚豔」. Preloadr 不僅有 Flickr 的 Look & Feel, 更有 Flickr 還沒有提供的強大線上影像編修功能.

Preloadr 裡, 你可以開啟你 Flickr 中的相片, 然後做許多基本的影像處理, 這些編輯方式在 Photoshop 或小畫家也許是很基本, 但是在 Web online 就不多見了. 你可以對相片做裁切, 旋轉, 翻轉; 他還提供了類似 Photoshop 的圖層(Layer), 讓你可以套圖重疊到現在照片上, 當然也可以增加文字圖層, 移動這些圖層的位置與上下順序. 除此之外, 還有 histogram 屬性, 可調整 graduation, 超過十種 filters – blur, sharpen, contrast, brightness 等等, 活像一個簡易的線上版 photoshop. 最令人佩服的是, 這些影像處理操作都是以 Ajax 的方式寫出來的.

當編輯完成後, 只需要儲存, 就會幫你存回 Flickr , 取代原先的相片.

Steeev 為這個 online flickr photo editor 寫了一個 GM script: Online Photo Editor, 在 flickr 相片網頁的相片上加一個按鈕, 就會連到 Preloadr 並開啟這張相片來編輯.

source [Blog of Flickr Hacks]

Dual Screen Wallpapers

March 30, 2006

If you are lucky enough to be able to run multiple monitors on your system, you may sometimes find yourself wishing you could find desktop wallpapers that are optimized across multiple screens. The folks at Dual Screen Wallpaper obviously decided to try to do something about it.

While I really like some of the wallpapers at Dual Screen Wallpapers, I should warn you that they have integrated the advertising in their site in such a way as to try to trick people into making false clicks; the titles and descriptions of each wallpaper are formatted exactly like the text ads that they display at the top of the screen, and they even display an image beside the text ads so that they blend in perfectly with the rest of the site. I'm sure this is a breach of the terms of service for their advertiser so they won't be able to keep this up for long, but for now just be careful of the top two links on the site. I simply can't help linking to them though, as the wallpapers are gorgeous and work beautifully on my dual-screen setup.

source post [download squad]