Swaptree – online swap market

May 30, 2007


Justin over at Gadling has been trying out a new online swap market called Swaptree. Users can trade books, music, movies, or video games with other users. No money changes hands, and Swaptree doesn’t take any money off the top (we imagine they have plans to make money eventually, perhaps through advertising).

All you have to do is type in an ISBN number for the books you want to trade, or UPC code for your other media. Then list the items you want in a “want” list, similar to an Amazon wishlist.

Swaptree will automatically search for users who have what you want, and want what you have. When it finds a potential trading partner, the service will send you each an email. If you both accept, Swaptree will provide each user with the others’ mailing address.

You can even print shipping labels directly from Swaptree. And with media mail rates, most items should cost $2.50 or less to ship.

The service is in private beta at the moment, but Justin’s got a few invites to give out.

source [downloadsquad]


Use Tubes to share files

March 6, 2007

If you find yourself emailing large files frequently then you can save yourself tons of time with Tubes.

Tubes is a application designed to simply file sharing on the web that works similar to an IM program for your files. In order to share content with a friend or coworker you merely need to invite them to have access to your tube and drop the files you want to share in. Once you grant tube access to a particular person then an image of your Tube shows up on their desktop and files dropped from your desktop into the Tube are instantly be accessible to others who have Tube access.

This is awesome for those of that have work with others on projects and have to trade files constantly giving everyone an easy place to put the files where everyone else working on a project can have access to them. Tubes is a PC only application and can be downloaded for free from the Tube’s website.

source [downloadsquad]

Home decor design tips

January 22, 2007

Normal Room is a Web site that lets users submit images of various rooms in their homes. Normal Room has amassed a large collection of designs from countries around the world. I think this is really unique and great resource if you are thinking of redecorating, building a home, setting up your office or studio, or just looking for ideas on how to make your workspace more productive. An interesting observation is the impact children have on the rooms.

Normal Room shows you interior design and home furniture from all around the globe. Search our image database and explore the differences and similarities in architecture and home decoration between people in different countries.

source [lifehack.org]

Geni – Web Family Tree

January 22, 2007

David Sacks’ new startup Geni, which we wrote about last week, has gone live.The initial product is a very easy to use Flash tool to create a profile and a family tree – including siblings, spouses, cousins, aunts and uncles, and their families. When you add a relative, there is an option to add their email address and have the tree sent to them as well. They can add their own data, extending the tree, and Geni will launch tools to merge overlapping trees.

There is more information on the About page. The company has raised a round of financing from Founders Fund.

I’ve started my family tree and have added a few email addresses. It will be cool to see my relatives further expand the tree. And it will be really interesting to take a look at Geni a few years from now, as more and more trees are merged together.

Update: Geni is viral. In my test tree, I added my dad’s email address but didn’t otherwise mention the site to him. I just went back to Geni and noticed the tree has been extended significantly (see image below). And now some of those people have been emailed as well.

source [techcrunch]

TeraPad – Impressive blog platform

January 11, 2007


Till this time, We’ve seen some of the great blogging tools but all of them were desktop blogging clients but this time we are going to write the review of a blogging platform. The platform is TeraPad. The blogging platform is currently a hosted solution and doesn’t have the option of letting you download the whole software and then letting you choose the option of hosting on your own servers. Anyway, that is also one of the good features as one doesn’t have to take pains for finding and installing the package. Let’s look at some of the features of this blogging platform…

PROS of terapad :

1. More than a blog : The best thing about this service is that it is much more than a blog. It has a set of tools which make it much more powerful. It has inbuilt shopping cart (paypal shop), image gallery, web page publishing, job board, forum, integration with third party tools and a lots more. Well, there are so many features that it becomes really difficult to list them here and that is what I love in one service and that is huge list of features and terapad has scored a 10 on 10 in this section.

2. Hosted Solution : Terapad is a hosted solution and thus anyone can start their own terapad site in just few minutes and that too without any technical knowledge. They take the pain of keeping your site up and running and that makes things much more simple. They give 2 GB of space and that also keeps things nice on your pocket.

3. WYSIWYG Editor : It has the WYSIWYG editor and thus publishing things are quite easy. The good thing is that it lets people insert videos as well! The videos can be inserted from Google Video, Grouper and the big daddy of video services and that is YouTube!

4. Templates and template editor : It has some decent templates however they are not the best but it has the template editor which lets you easily make changes in the whole template and the good thing is that it is all controlled with CSS and thus you don’t have to worry about learning anything new as CSS is relatively simple and you can also find various templates around in the web and that too quite easily.

5. Use of domain names : Another beautiful feature of the service is that it lets you use your own domain name. You just have to change the CNAME records and you can make use of your own domain name.

6. Oh I forgot one thing! Its Free : Do you think I need to explain anything in this one D

CONS of terapad :

1. Google Ads : The service puts some ads on your terapad site. However, the ads are not obtrusive and thus don’t annoy much. However, some of the pros will always want to remove the ads from their site and will like to put their own ads. They do give the option of removing the ads as well but that is for a small fee.

2. Readable URLs : Terapad seems to be generating the pages with strange strings and fails to generate the URLs in readable formats. Search engines favor those kind of URLs and thus Terapad looses on this portion. Good writers don’t have to worry about this at all, they can still generate traffic easily with the power of their writing D .

3. Download-able Option : Unfortunately this excellent piece of software is not available for download and thus no one can install this on their servers. I think that if they start giving this then certainly it may help them in creating a good community and will give them popularity as well.

Overall Rating & Views :

To be honest this service is really good and thus any one will fall in love with the amount of features it has. If you are looking to start a new site or blog then this is the solution which you’ll always want to have. It will beat wordpress (I know that many won’t agree but have a look at the features first) if at all they work on its very small list of CONS. My suggestion is to go ahead and use this service, you’ll certainly love it.

Links : TeraPad

source [reviewsaurus.com]

AddThis! Web Buttons

December 1, 2006




接著它會出現一個在線RSS閱讀器列表頁面,點擊你經常使用的那個閱讀器,就會自動訂閱,目前還沒有抓蝦被列入其中。這一動作做完後,它會記憶住你 所使用的閱讀器,下次再訂閱時就不需要再選擇了。當然,如果你想改變閱讀器的話,可以進行My Account頁面,在My Feeds的右邊按reset按鈕,下次就可以重新選擇閱讀器了。




source [wappblog]

FindMeOn.com identity aggregator

November 2, 2006


New web service FindMeOn.com attempts to solve a very Web 2.0 problem: the dozens of social networking profiles, email addresses, blogs and other web service memberships you and your friends can’t keep track of.

If you’ve got a Flickr, MySpace, and Tribe profile and a Vox, LiveJournal and WordPress blog, and Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and .mac email address, sign up with FindMeOn to “claim” and gather all your identities into one place, and find your friends’ and which services they’re in, too.

FindMeOn is a new way to assert and verify ownership over online elements , identities and personalities. We empower you to verifiably extend your true identity across social networks and blogs, essentially creating an ad-hoc social network out of everything you join.

The FindMeOn preview isn’t very easy to use, but it’s a step towards solving a problem all of us has and it employs open standards to do so, which is a promising start in our book.