Flight check in via MMS

March 11, 2006

Flight Checkup Via MMS

If you’re the type of traveler who never makes it in time for check in, then German Airlines, Deutsche BA, may have just the thing for you. Just about 3 hours before your flight, a check-in barcode MMS will be sent to travelers. And all they’ll need to do will be to flash the barcode over a scanner at the airport and everything is good to go. Say goodbye to the hassles of queues. Not to be left behind, Lufthansa will be offering the same service in the summer.

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Free Voicemail for Skype with Amy

September 20, 2005

AmyYapperNut, the makers of the YapperBox (a device which allows you to connect any standard phone to your PC to use Skype), are offering a free voicemail solution for Skype called Amy. Amy stands for Answering Machine by YapperNut. Amy’s features include:

  • Personalize your Voicemail greeting.
  • Customize Voicemail settings for different Skype modes.
  • Set Amy to auto-answer during certain hours.
  • Forward Voicemail to your buddies.
  • Seamlessly integrates with YapperBox™

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3G Simple Cell-Phones—for Grandma!

September 19, 2005

Simple.jpgThis is an idea that is long overdue. Cell phones are the new wave of communication and the latest and greatest cell phones are a little too much for the non-tech savvy people. This is a phone for those people. Big buttons, makes calls, gets the job done.

This is the A101K from Kyocera. It has voice-only capabilities, and includes a handy clip for holding numbers that have been jotted down on a scrap of paper (43 Folders alert!). There is also a ring volume setting that can give those with lesser hearing an opportunity to use this easily.

Another simple phone is the A5517 from Toshiba. It is a little more advanced. This is similar to the A101K but does include a 2.4-inch screen that features large text. It is also capable of e-mail and some web applications. Yes, nana, the Web is a vast storehouse of infor… oh, nevermind.

3G Simple Cell-Phones Released [3G]

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