Home decor design tips

January 22, 2007

Normal Room is a Web site that lets users submit images of various rooms in their homes. Normal Room has amassed a large collection of designs from countries around the world. I think this is really unique and great resource if you are thinking of redecorating, building a home, setting up your office or studio, or just looking for ideas on how to make your workspace more productive. An interesting observation is the impact children have on the rooms.

Normal Room shows you interior design and home furniture from all around the globe. Search our image database and explore the differences and similarities in architecture and home decoration between people in different countries.

source [lifehack.org]


Fix your LCD’s stuck pixels

January 4, 2007


JScreenFix is designed to fix your LCD’s stuck pixels by quickly switching red, green, and blue colors on your monitor.

JScreenFix makes this high-contrast pixel un-sticker available in as many ways as possible so you can use it on your computer, your mobile device, and your DVD player, depending on where your pixels need un-sticking. Keep in mind the difference between a dead pixel and a stuck pixel: A stuck pixel will generally be fixed at red, green, blue, or any combination of those three colors; if a pixel is dead, it shows up as black, and fixing it requires another method altogether. JScreenFix also claims to help fix burn-in on plasma screens.

source [lifehacker]

How to set up dual monitors

December 5, 2006

Dual%20monitor.jpgTech mag PC World has a video demonstrating how to install and configure a dual-monitor setup.

The video shows how to upgrade your graphics card (which may or may not be necessary), identifies the difference between analog and digital connectors and explains when you might need to use an adapter. It also wisely suggests backing up your PC before getting started.

We’ve long been proponents of the productivity gains afforded by dual monitors, and this video offers a good introduction to this essential upgrade.

How to tie a tie

November 13, 2006

Free Template – Household Notebook

November 8, 2006

A site OrganizedHome has released a bunch of free template pages for managing different aspects in household.

The idea is to print out what you needs, put them into a binder and compose a customize Household Notebook to put your family in order.

I think another idea without going all the way is to print out what you need, and stick them onto the fridge. The creative is what you need to make this effective.

The template pages cover different areas, such as to-do, phone, family and school, home management, meals and menus, money and finance, health and fitness, and travel and activities:

Household Template

Unlike a personal planner, which is designed for use by one person, a household notebook or family organizer serves as “command central” for an entire family. While each family’s organizer will be unique, most are simple three-ring notebooks with several divider sections.

Most household notebooks include a telephone and message section, a divider for church, clubs or volunteer activities, travel, home management and finance sections, medical information, and personal records like gift list and clothing size charts.

Because they’re infinitely expandable, household notebooks become as distinctive as the family that uses them. A family with school-aged children involved in dance, music and sports will include organizer sections for rehearsal and practice schedules, summer activity ideas and video to-rent lists. A two-career couple with pre-school children may add babysitter and day care dividers and an emergency telephone list to their household notebook. Empty nesters will rely on packing checklists for vacations, home repair records and gift suggestion lists for far-flung children.

OrganizedHome Templates: Household Notebook – [OrganizedHome]

source [lifehack.org]

Schedule a wake up call with Skype

October 2, 2006

Web site Mac OS X Hints has posted an interesting shell script designed to let you set wake up calls and reminders from Skype to your cell phone; Lifehacker reader Debashis also suggests using a batch script with the following command for Windows users:

"c:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\skype.exe /callto:001xxxxxxxxxx"

I’m a big fan of the phone call/page as reminder, but I’ve been using Google Calendar for that functionality because, frankly, I love Google Calendar. However, if you don’t, and limited alarms on your phone mean that you can’t set up as many reminders as you’d like, these little Skype reminder scripts could offer a simple way to schedule quick wake up calls and reminders. Thanks Debashis!

A shell script to use Skype for reminder calls [Mac OS X Hints]

source [lifehacker]

How to take good nighttime photos

August 7, 2006

nightphoto.pngNighttime photography can be tricky, but computing blogger Andrew Malek has some excellent digital photography tips to make it simpler.

Topics such as setting, preparation, and lighting are all covered in this two-part article, with language basic enough that even this point and click girl could understand.

Take Spectacular Nighttime Photos with your Digital Camera

source [lifehacker]